Si, sono offerti Sconti per Volume d’Acquisto.

Prego, a seguire la Lista degli Sconti offerti:

  • Da € 251,00 a € 400,00 Sconto -5%
  • Da € 401,00 a € 600,00 Sconto -10%
  • Da € 601,00+ Sconto – 15%

Non ha trovato quello che cercava?

2 Comments on “Sono offerti Sconti?”

  1. I cannot get the Black Friday discount of 20% on my order. Is there a coupon to use? Can you honor your offer of discount after today because it is late for you to accept my request?
    Can I receive my order by early February as it is usually a very cold winter in England?

    1. Hello Mr Majid,
      thank you for writing us.

      Please, just refresh your Cart Page, and the Discount will be applied automatically.

      To receive the Black Friday + Cyber Monday Discount, please, you must make your Order by 23:59 this evening.

      When you will be at the Checkout Page, you’ll be able to write us a Note about the Shipping period you like.

      Please let us know if you have any more questions.

      Happy to be able to follow his welcome Order.

      Best Regards,


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